DI&CI S.p.A. is specialised in the working in carbon steel and all stainless steels as well as construction and assembly of:

  • piping and purification water equipments (grates, bridges, thickeners, turbines, gasometers digesters, etc)
  • piping and accessories for aqueducts (filters, tanks, strippers, etc)
  • equipments for RSU treatment (belts, revolving screens, plate elevators, etc)
  • structures and sundry carpentry
The most requested services are:

  • installation of industrial plants and structures in general
  • ordinary and extraordinary repairs of new and pre-existing plants
  • anaerobic digesters and gasometers clearing using new pipes
  • revamping of pre-existing plants
  • assistance on site when the plants start
  • shift from one site to another of all machineries and equipments being in the plants.